A Breathtaking Divine Prophecy gifted to Dr Larry Hutton

This is an INCREDIBLY Powerful Prophecy that was given to Pastor Larry Hutton. Every word rang true when I read it. How my breath was taken away ! Whilst it has been a few years since God gifted Larry Hutton with this message , these words pulsate with Life, and seem to me, to be especially befitting of this present year of accelerated evolution. This year of 2012. 

And so I present his message to you. Every statement calls out to our Core to transform to our very Highest with God's Help and to finally do what we came here to do.
 And while we're at it, to Live our ULTIMATE LIVES. No limitations, Absolute Abundance, Ceaseless Peace, Riches without Trouble, Love without Judgement...

 Here is his Divine Prophecy  ... Larry Hutton is Gifted to hear God's words, Spoken specifically for this day and age ... It is Profound

 Love, Mahira Amir Khan

THE PROPHECY ~ Dr Larry Hutton

" My Word will not fail you.  My plans and purposes will not be stopped.

For you are the children of Light. Light dispels darkness. I have purposely placed you into the earth for this very time. A time when the works of darkness are increasing. A time when problems seem to be magnifying. A time when the world’s finances are in an upheaval. But you are My Light in this world. SHINE like never before. Not in your own strength, but in Mine. Have I not told you to be strong in Me, says the Lord. Then you can. I’ve empowered you and enabled you with my very Self.  

Let my Spirit dominate you! Let my Spirit inform you! Let my Spirit lead you! Let my Spirit show you things to come. Let my Spirit quicken you—quicken your mind, quicken your body, quicken you finances, quicken your affairs.

I have purposed for this time to be a good time for you, yea, even a very good time, says the Lord. It is not a time to draw back! Don’t draw back in you prayer time. Don’t draw back in your giving. Don’t draw back in your speaking the same thing as Me.  Drawing back is only for the timid and fearful. But I have spoken to you that I will never leave you nor forsake you—so that you will boldly confess that I am your helper and that you do not fear any system of man.

You operate out of a higher system and a higher government. And you are one of my Ambassadors! You represent Me. You are blessed by Me! That means you’re anointed with my anointing. You are empowered to prosper in every area of your life.

Don’t let finances dictate to you what you can do—you dictate to them.
Don’t let your body tell you how you feel—you tell it.
Don’t allow your emotions to control you—you control them.

I’ve given you my very Spirit of Self-Control—use it!

In fact, I have given you dominion over this whole earth.

It is time to take back what rightfully belongs to you. It is time to rule and reign in your life as a king.

Jesus is the King of kings, and you are the kings that He is King over. So rule as a king. Make decrees this year by My Spirit and by My Word. Kings decree things so that they will come to pass. Speak only things that you desire to see come to pass. Believe in your Words—and they will come to pass!

I have put my faith in you, and my faith will move the mountains in your life. My faith will receive all the wisdom that you need to overcome obstacles, remove barriers, make right decisions regarding you family, your money, your body—everything that concerns your present life. My faith released from within you will cause all grace to abound to you, so that you have need of nothing!

So hide yourself in Me this year. Let Me be your hiding place. I am your shelter and your protector. I am your high tower. You are High—because you’ve been raised up together with Christ. You’ve been made to sit with Him. You’ve been given the highest position of all creation. It’s a position from which to rule. From that position you can rule your own life. You can change every situation and circumstance that would try and keep you back or hold you down.

And this year, don’t just relegate Me to your devotion time or certain prayer time, but talk to Me all day long, about everything you’re doing. It gives Me great pleasure to be involved in everything that you do, to fellowship with you continually, and for you to allow Me to give you counsel all the day long. No, you can’t see Me with your natural eyes, and no, you can’t hear Me with your natural ears, but you can see Me and you can hear Me with your spirit eyes and your spirit ears—that’s your spirit man. Train yourself to be sensitive to your inward man. That’s where my Spirit dwells. Let Him dwell big in you this year.

 How do I do that, you asked? Pray in the Spirit more than you have in the past. If you actually knew what takes place in the spirit realm when you pray in tongues—you would be doing it a lot more. When you pray in the Spirit, you pray out My mysteries, says the Lord. Many times, when you are praying in tongues, I lead you to ask me for things just so that I can do them for you.  There are many things that I want you to ask, that you don’t know how with your understanding. So, pray in the Spirit, and pray often, regularly, and continually.

Also, spend more time meditating on my Words. They are your lifeline. They are life to every area of your life, and they will also be strength and health to your body. Notice I said to meditate on My Words. You can do that throughout your day—everyday. Choose verses of Scripture and write them down and carry them with you. Look at them. Speak them aloud. Think about how they will apply to your everyday life. That’s what I’m talking about when I say meditate. That will cause you to “know” the truth, and then you will see much more freedom manifest in your life. You will be able to “see” and “hear” like you’ve so desired.

Don’t be discouraged about the past. Don’t be down because of things that have happened. The future is bright, adventurous and exciting for those who will walk close with Me.

So, know this, says the Lord, this is a time to dine! Come and dine and everything will turn out fine! For I have designed this time for you to shine ! Come and dine and everything will be fine! " ♥

~ Dr Larry Hutton, Larry Hutton Ministries


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