June 2012 - My Declaration ♥ ~ Mahira Mermaid Bliss

The only man worth having is the Man besotted with God FIRST , and then with me ...

That's when I will Know I am guaranteed a life Blessed with the Ultimate Treatment :) ♥

When a man's Heart is infatuated with the Highest, his body breathes , moves, is guided by the Holiest ...

When his mind and Soul are humbled, revealed, used in every way by the Divine ♥
His lifestyle , his actions, his everyday kindness, his gentleness, his integrity, his loyalty is infused, woven with threads of gold. Their alchemical essence ; Purity.

 He Celebrates,  he Beams with Play and Joy !

His career, his mission, his fierce Vision, his Wild Dance of INSPIRATION is Driven by this thrilling Infatuation.

His career, his mission, his Wild Dance of Inspiration is Driven by this thrilling Infatuation

And what a SHOW that is ! ♥

God is SUBLIME LOVE .... Being Adored, Caressed and Cherished by His Shining emanation, electrified by the Holy Spirit is an experience that is just Breathtaking ! :) ♥

I've raised the Bar, I'm taking myself on a one way Rise on a exclusive, first-class cabin that rides to Ecstacy.

I've pulled out all the Stops, torn away all Limits.

I can allow myself be Ravished by no less than the Immaculate .

I'm calling in the most Magnificent. Using the Power and Authority of Christ, whose Supremacy cannot be denied, I command this to be So.

Ministering Angels please surround me and guard this precious miracle relentlessly like the sacred vessel that it is.

And so it is .

~ written by Mahira Amir Khan
June 2012 ♥



copyright Mahira Amir Khan 2012

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