Visions of a Genie's Lamp

A raw excerpt written by me


Shimmering Copper that makes its way ...
 Slowly glides 
Emerging thru rays of light
revealed ...
through the door
left ajar ...

The Genie's Lamp that glimmers
It seeks You

Finding your resolute being
in hushed quarters ...
As you sit deep in reverie
in the dark mahogany library
steeped in books of old

Immersed in ancient knowledge
You Dream your Dream
your Quest is Clear
and the blazing, bronze lamp
that boldly appeared
now gleams with misty flames
that swirl about you
a lifeforce so urgent
so potent
it is yours to be used and commanded

Look upon this Gift
and lay your smooth, chilled palms
upon this potent vessel
Harness its Holy Spirit
and USE it Liberally

Blow languid breaths
upon it with decadence
For it knows no Limits
it will not be contained ...
With the Wisdom
Blessed upon you
and a Heart that blossoms
in innocence

Direct your new-found Power
to the Very Highest, the Grandest and the Boldest.

Like the Divine
Immaculate and Omni-Flowing
Mystical Fluid
it Pours ...

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