The Victor

Even if it Hurts, keep plunging forward until all the obstacles and debris resolve and dissolve themselves ... Pain is released and Success is now attained ♥

 Someone out there has experienced what you're going through ever more intensely and yet they have conquered it and been claimed The Victor ! They Trumped every Pain, Fear, Anxiety that tried to hold them back. They Trumped it all, because their Spirits are inconquerable and Mighty Success is the card they drew.

And now that the challenges have been surmounted, this Noble Spirit sits back reaping the rewards of persistence and observes how it all played with amusement and a Smile ♥ 

If they did it, so can YOU ... You are Extraordinary, your Soul is Invincible, your Passion is so Great, you will not be held back or distracted or swayed ... You're already Victorious ! It's just a TIME thing ;)

 ... and I Believe, now is your Time ... ♥ 

written by Mahira Amir Khan ♥

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