Delighting in Living Aqua

Today, I dove into infinite pools of pleasure
I blazed through
cascading waters that streamed
and rushed about me
my glorious tail
embroidered with aquamarine gems
flickers so gloriously
wriggles and delights
in the sensations
that arrive to caress it

I taste the bubbles that froth upon my limbs
I curl in elegant spirals of water
that overpower me
the breath that dances with me
frolics and plays
enrapturing with its kiss so slow
so deep ...

Magnificence comes forth
the blast of light
that pours within
and through me
the sword of truth
that takes its mighty plunge

In this bed of vast, pure light
I am blinded by empyrean skies
the soft veil that streams over thick lashes
in this sacred realm of endless, black velvet

I gently sink, I am released
like a stream of heavenly glitter
that bursts into ecstatic lustre
meeting with the intelligence of the wide, open sea 

Here, my heart unshackles
Here, I am made Free ...

written by Mahira Amir Khan
copyright 2012


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