Floating to BliSsss

Quite the experience yesterday ! ♥ at Float Lab Technologies in Venice Beach, CA ...

Float Lab really does make the world's best, most hygienic Sensory Deprivation Chambers , creating such a pure environment treated with O3, UV and state of the art technologies ...

So here's what happened in my session ... never experienced this before ... after the 2 hr mark , when my mind had finally calmed down and ideas had organized themselves into a clean strategy , I then arrived at a profound level of calm observation and peace ... I was sinking into such a deep state at one point ... then a streak of BRIGHT, WHITE LIGHT opens up in front of me ♥ ... it was a sliver of immense light that was so strong, I jerked up in shock and it disappeared .... I could not believe I saw that ... why did it show itself to me ? ... it was Wild to see that so CLEARLY ... a little shocking, a little surreal ... it has been on my mind since , wishing I had stayed relaxed instead of reacting to it, so that I could have been shown more ...



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