' TORN '

I am torn
I am no longer whole
I am crying within
Arriving at the grey
of numbness
I find no peaceful rest

My Paradise
snatched away
by hostile hands
My place of Beauty
pillaged and burned

All that brought me solace
proven to be a lie
All that brought me love
now brings me hate

Yes all that brought me love
I  will not trust again

My heart
thoroughly shy
has closed
deeply hurt
slashed by brutal cuts
refusing to open again
to feel more pain

This flower will not blossom
it has no nectar
no dewy petals to boast

its perfume lost
amongst wild, hostile winds

Happiness once my mantra
Delight which was my Being
now an absent dream

This new reality
empty and desolate
I close the shackles
that lace my chest

I sleep ...

written by Mahira Amir Khan
copyright Mahira Amir Khan 2011

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