With Love, this humble message is for you ...

Most people are not truly Truth Seekers ... Why, it would be inconvenient, It may cause heartache ... and that blatant truth, it's about to ruffle some feathers ... 

I admit I've played that game before ... afraid to follow my instincts, afraid to make a change, holding onto security, holding to what I had ... But my sweet Beloved ones, gain pristine Clarity within ♥.... BE Immaculate in every way, in your thoughts, your desires, your Lifestyle... Be Congruent, and u will demand no less than the Ultimate ... it will ARRIVE ♥

Why go through all of this possible Chaos ? ♥ ... because you have not Time to waste ... and when we become fine tuned instruments, when our hearts, minds & Lives gain Congruency ... only THEN can we truly Deliver our Life's mission and offer our Gifts in Ways & to a Depth, one has NEVER Experienced before !

So waste your time if you will frittering your energy with the wrong people, the wrong career, the wrong love ... you have all the Choice in the world to do exactly what you want ... 

Or Choose ...

to truly Step into your POWER, making Brilliance & Precision your Life's nature ! 

It is well worth the effort ... and if this is the path you choose to take, if you have the Courage to step onto this Path of Gold , then I APPLAUD you my dear friend ! 

You are a Hero in my Eyes ! I LOVE YoU :) ♥ ♥ ♥

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*All my writings are copyright. 


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