' Your Precious Power ' - by Mahira A.

Surely you're not giving your power away to just anyone ? 

Those precious particles of attention that focus and gleam like jewels,

no less than a King's bounty in the invisible realms.

Do you not deserve your own Riches ?

Or do you choose to give away your inheritance to those who challenge you.

The ones who hurt you ...

There can be no logic in that .

Consider this ...

If you are to lavish anyone with your immense power,

Please make yourself the delighted Beneficiary.

Bathing yourself in your own velvet lifeforce.

Luxuriating in this shimmering attention.

Pamper your body with liquid energy as it flows over you,

exploding in its alchemy.

Observe with a smile.

As something quite magical transpires,

without even knowing,

or trying,

You have activated the God,

the Goddess within you...

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*All my writings are copyright. 
**Please contact mahiraamirkhan@gmail.com for more details. Thank you, Mahira Amir Khan.


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