' For the Lions and the Tigers amongst us ... ' - by Mahira A.

' For the Lions and the Tigers amongst us ... '

Have you ever been Driven to Madness and being Blinded caught Glimpses of the Truth ...

Have you Leapt into Ecstacy and witnessed Beauty beyond the Sight of mortal eyes ? 
Have you recklessly handed over the reigns of your Chariot to a Higher force 
Yet , Trusting ... charged forward with Mighty Passion

If so, then you are the proud heir of a Lion's Heart
in this swift span of Time, you have truly Lived
and the Sacred Keys, you shall receive.

At this Pause
Gifted with pregnant possibilities

Cherish it's potent silence
as a host of Divine Beings now pause on bended knees ...

Across the Oceans of Creation, 
a stream of lights shimmer
like a majestic necklace, 
threaded, bejewelled for an ancient Queen.

In this Era of Knowing
when all will begin to See
the Unknown ones bow
in Honor of the Force that you have now BE-come .

~ written by Mahira Amir Khan

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