' Beauty's Intricate Spear '

If you're willing to go through the pain, 
allowing Beauty's fiery spear
to tear through your chest ...

You provide her 
quite generously
with her moment of Alchemy ... 

Creation pauses ... 
at this moment where only Beauty can enter
traipsing through 
the depths of your Heart.

She meticulously studies its markings
Fascinated by your lines
and many shades

Unsheathing her weapon

she carves her name

upon your heart
she Kisses your Soul softly

into Submission ...  
Deliverance ...

The vivid pain, now a mere pin prick !

How can you not smile ? :) 
Your cries so instantly forgotten ... 
the river of blood in your heart
Released !
with a Life Force

pounding like never before

All of Creation witnessed this Miracle
and a world of Ravishing beings now Delight !
Coming out to Sing and play

Elegance hearing calls

Peeks out

Steps forward
hips swaying
She sighs in relief
now allowed to freely roam

Then come the MIGHTY
The Loyal
They Roar !

the crowds tremble

humbled in admiration
as none can defy their firm resolve

Your tribe has arrived
in this long awaited moment
Revealing Luminescence once more ... :)

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*All my writings are copyright. 
**Please contact mahiraamirkhan@gmail.com for more details. Thank you, Mahira Amir Khan.


Anonymous said…
You are Beauty! This is divine poetry...just like your precious heart!

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