' We each have a Key ...' by Mahira Amir Khan

My cherished friend whom I adore ,

Did you know that everyone in your midst holds a key just for you ?

yes it’s right there in their hands ...

Especially in the grasp of the person you least expect ,

and in the palms of those you do not hold in high regard

Within each of these souls who make your life their habitat,

is a secret waiting to be revealed ...

After all, this is the Great Mystery of Life ,

each silken thread in this tapestry unravels a yarn ...

What is the tale you came to tell ? ... to EXPRESS ?

What is this treasure that only you know ?

that in it’s telling your Heart weeps and your Soul ruptures ?

Share your deep secret

Deliver your tale!

Lest your heart be a clouded and hidden shroud ... so tightly bound

and all mysteries fall away to dust, losing their brilliance ...

Let your parable be a lusty tale full of juice !

Bubbling with life and vigor,

Step aside as it transforms from fable to truth

My precious innocent

Your eyes widen before me

Yet this is the moment

You’re Ready now

You’re Holy now

and the loving audience smiling up at you

has been waiting a lifetime to receive you ...

- written by Mahira Amir Khan
copyright 2010

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