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Off to the Amazon ! :)

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The Tree of Life - a poem by Mahira Amir Khan

(This is a poem that I penned in July 2009 that was followed by a series of vivid dreams. Mahira Amir Khan.)

The Tree of Life
          a poem by Mahira Amir Khan

The Tree of Life
it grew and grew
With ripe berries
Gold, gilded Peaches
Spiraling, silver streams of nectar
Sparkling leaves of Light
A Very Unusual tree indeed!

They called it
the Tree of Life
The Louvre
With its streams of passageways...
The Loved.

I called it my HEART
In my Affection,
it took root.

It’s branches twined
Upwards and outwards
And yet its elegant fingers learned not to grasp
Like a work of art it spiraled forth

Look at its trunk
Jewels you will see
I stroke my fingers across its luscious patterns
The glints of light catch my eye
Emeralds, rubies
Sapphires and more

What tree is this?
Of what species
And whenceforth did it come?

And yet it grows so firmly and strongly
This unknown species of fauna
Confidently scaling the heights of my spine
It rises between my Sight
And creates such sensations as it tickles m…

' Pink Petalled Tulip ' or ' The Lonely Tulip '

Pink Petalled Tulip - A Poem by Mahira Amir Khan

Like a Tulip
with a Heavy Head
I cry

The dew drops
Flow so smoothly down
And bathe my honeyed pout

Vivid red tulip
Where are your Ruby colors now ?
Bright Strong tulip
What makes your stem bow ?

Your brilliant resin
a warming Sun
Of crimson blood

So suddenly
washed away

The ladybug
Rich and plump
That crawled away
In blissful reverie

Knew not
The fleshy mist
that made this flower weep... '

Copyright 2010 Mahira Amir Khan