I had the Pleasure of Listening in to an amazing Webinar today on 'The Interactions Between the Earth’s Energetic Systems and Human Consciousness' by Institute of HeartMath Research Director Rollin McCraty, Ph.D. It was organized by the Global Coherence Initiative

So I had never heard of this term before - NEURO CARDIOLOGY . It's a new realm of study of Science, because apparently the heart has a lot more impact on the Brain than we previously realized. The whole talk was SO Enlightening ! So much rang true....

According to Dr McCraty, the Heart has its own complex nervous system – the ‘HEART BRAIN’. The heart sends far more information to the Brain than the Brain sends to the Heart. The Heart signals especially affect the Brain centers involved in Decision making, Creativity and Emotional Experience.'



The HEART is extremely Powerful in affecting those around Creates a very Tangible CARDIAC FIELD.......When in a state of Appreciation , heart rhythms are smooth, regular and Coherent....and when Large Groups of people are in this State of Appreciation there are lower incidences of accidents, conflict , etc. In fact when the Heart is in a Coherent state ( a state of Appreciation ) as he calls it, the Brain is able to function the way it is Designed. It is here that we make our Wisest decisions. 

Dr. Rollin McCraty spoke at length on the concept of coherence. He says, " Coherence is the state when the heart, mind and emotions are in energetic alignment and cooperation ". "It is a state that builds resiliency – personal energy is accumulated, not wasted – leaving more energy to manifest intentions and harmonious outcomes." 


He discussed 3 different hypothesis...

  • Hypothesis No. 1: All living things are interconnected and we communicate with each other via biological, and electromagnetic fields.
  • Hypothesis No. 2: Not only are humans affected by planetary energetic fields, but conversely the earth’s energetic systems are also influenced by collective human emotions and consciousness. Much of the planetary field environment is made up of the collective consciousness of the inhabitants.
  • Hypothesis No. 3: Large numbers of people intentionally creating heart-coherent states of care, love, compassion and appreciation can generate a coherent standing wave that will help offset the current planetary wave of stress, discord and incoherence.

It was SUCH a great reminder to take responsibility for the Energy we put out. We can be more Masterful in our Roles, Utilizing this Creative Energy to Create Deeper Connections and really Operate as our Higher Selves....with every Heart Beat :)
A life led with a Warm, Appreciative Heart is a Profound Way of Being.....and leads to much Wiser Decision making, Productivity and Efficiency......How would we really be if we lived as the Super Beings oft spoken about by author John Randolph Price ?

What thrills me is that the Study of the Heart and its Energetic Connections with other Beings and with the Planet is being Recognized as a valid field of Study. I'm So looking forward to delving deeper into Neuro Cardiology, as well as the possibilities of heart entrainment, ie, Deliberately influencing one's own heart rhythms to improve cognitive functions.

I think you must agree, the Science of the Heart is just fascinating . :)  


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mgel said…
i really like your heartmath Coherence recap and your share on the twin flame. i resonate with both of those very, very much. i FEEL those both to be true. the cardio-neuro research is fascinating. just this week as a psychotherapist I had group members draw the heart with four chambers, and portray 4 dimensions of their self, which makes the coherence of our individuality! Jung loves the fourfold in mandalas, thqat is what i see. would be good talking with you sometime about these profound ideas. i am up late this night! michael g
Rabbiah Drake said…
Thank you for this information, it re-enforces teachings and the feelings I know to be true. Having it backed up by scientific research is the icing on the cake! Being consciously aware of this every day takes practice, but if we see it as one of our critical responsibilities it is much easier to practice it as a normal state of existence. Thank you!

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