Hyper- Reality

Blurring the lines between Reality & Fantasy

My Dearest Friends,

I'm writing this Blog because I came across a company yesterday whose mission is one I find utterly Exciting ! -  Moving the world into another Dimension !

I visited my friend Crash in Venice Beach last night ( www.floatlab.com ). He's always tapped into and never fails to fill me in on the latest advancements in technology, while exposing as many conspiracy theories as he is able to in the span of one visit ! I can't help but appreciate his Passion and I'm so Grateful for our Friendship !  I know every visit is going to Blow my mind and feed with me New & Different Perspectives. :)

Last night I was Educated on the term Hyper-Reality.
Imagine the lines of Fantasy being so Blurred, that is Hard, perhaps even Impossible to tell the Difference !

'Hyper-Reality is a paradigm. It is a collection of technologies that radically change the way we develop and interact with content on Internet Enabled Devices. We live in a digital age where people interact with each other through a variety of Internet Enabled devices. These include but are not limited to: Personal Computers, Personal Digital Assistants (PDA), Mobile Phones and Next Generation Gaming Consoles. 

Why should the Virtual World be any different? All Internet enabled devices can plug directly into Hyper-Reality. So it doesn't matter if your friend in Europe is surfing on his PDA and you're sitting in front of your TV in North America - you both can still log into a Virtual Electronics Store and shop together. ' www.3dinternet.com

Watch this Video, it explains it all :)

So I'm thinking.
' What are the possibilities of such an application ? ' They're Endless !
It's already being used for Training purposes, it can be used in virtual Learning environments for Distance learning........imagine The Handicapped or Bed-Ridden being able to Live & Explore the World all over again....

I would use it for Learning purposes and to practise Public Speaking Skills.
I would create a massive, humanitarian event with hundreds of thousands in attendance. An Epic, Moment in History....and I would See myself Delivering an Important Speech that is able Transform, Uplift & Inspire everyone around me ! It would be an Event filled with Celebration , Music, Extraordinary Speakers, Other-Worldly Performers & Greatnesss all around !

'Hyper-Reality allows more than just the realization of Virtual Worlds, it allows the fabrication of a Reality so real,that it blurs the line separating what is real from what is not, and then makes that line disappear altogether!' www.3dinternet.com

What Virtual Reality would you Create .....if you could CREATE & LIVE within the reality of your Choice.....even for a moment ?

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Anonymous said…
We are not creating new realities, but we will be capable of "dimension-surfing"... meaning we can chose out of infinite parallell universes in which one we want to be part of in any given moment.
And not any "device" will be needed.
Please be aware Mahira that nothing impermanent is real! That's the game that SELF is playing with itSelf in order to know itSelf.
Only the SELF is real... pure beingness... unchanged... untouched... unmoved...
Silent awareness


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