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Hyper- Reality

Blurring the lines between Reality & Fantasy

My Dearest Friends,

I'm writing this Blog because I came across a company yesterday whose mission is one I find utterly Exciting ! -  Moving the world into another Dimension !

I visited my friend Crash in Venice Beach last night ( ). He's always tapped into and never fails to fill me in on the latest advancements in technology, while exposing as many conspiracy theories as he is able to in the span of one visit ! I can't help but appreciate his Passion and I'm so Grateful for our Friendship !  I know every visit is going to Blow my mind and feed with me New & Different Perspectives. :)

Last night I was Educated on the term Hyper-Reality.
Imagine the lines of Fantasy being so Blurred, that is Hard, perhaps even Impossible to tell the Difference !

'Hyper-Reality is a paradigm. It is a collection of technologies that radically change the way we develop and interact with content on Internet Enabled D…